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By The X Guy (anonymous) | Posted November 21, 2012 at 09:50:07

With the satellite tracking and mapping technology (GPS) that we currently have today, I wonder if trucking companies actively use it to plan, and adjust their routes?
Using google map directions, I picked a starting point of Ottawa Street and Burlington St (assuming that most trucks have a destination / starting point here), and an ending point of Brantford ON to see what google would recommend..... It recommends taking Ottawa, then King St to get to Hwy 403, at 42 mins. It’s alternate suggestion is Burlington St / Red Hill / Linc at 43 mins. In current traffic (as of 9:30 am on Nov 21), it takes 45 mins on King St, and 43 mins on Red Hill/Linc. Not much difference, even in the world of "Just In Time" delivery. Again, this is just Google’s "Guestimate", and of course we would have to do an actual test drive at different times during the day, but the point is if these numbers are correct in the real world, it may add more support to the claim that the highway ring network is just as efficient in moving traffic from the industrial area of the city, and there is no need to travel through the city.

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