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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted November 26, 2012 at 23:28:01

My favourite moment was from Mr. George Sorbara, the lone, brave, angry voice of dissent. He described the negative effect of two-way traffic on James Street North businesses, naming several which he alleges have lost custom since the two-way reversion.

And every time I go on James Street ... it takes me forever to get up that street. ... I haven't gone to MIller's in two or three years now. I go to the one on the mountain now ...

... and why does he drive an extra twenty minutes to save maybe two or three minutes on James North?

.. because it's so busy now, there's no parking.

And there, in his passionate anger, he states the truth he refuses to acknowledge: James Street North is just plain busier: more people, more parked cars, more shops, more customers.

I mention this not to make fun of Mr. Sorbara, but because I believe that he is typical of many of the opponents of the reversion to two-way streets: he's seeing the improved situation on James North, but can't allow himself to accept that it actually is better.

So we need to help him realize just what he is seeing and why it's better than what we had.

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