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By julie (registered) | Posted November 27, 2012 at 09:56:21 in reply to Comment 83237

Just wanted to say that I was quite impressed with your response to Sorbarra, Ryan. Calm, reasonable, on-point, respectful. It was lovely to listen to.

I know what Sorbarra means, though. And he is right in a sense. In some ways, for some people, James Street is worse. It did used to be easy to get parking right outside wherever you were going. Since parking on both sides of the street was available to you, you just needed to change sides, signal for the cars to go around you (which they did easily) and wait for the rush to die with the traffic light change before reversing into the spot.

Also, given that there were fewer coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses, if you had a particular place in mind, there wasn't as much competition for the spots.

So in that sense, James Street is worse and Sorbarra is right. Of course, in every other sense, and even in some of those same senses, it's better. More places to go to and slower traffic so you don't need to worry about getting rear-ended by racing traffic as you try to park. Even Sorbarra acknowledged that he really enjoys the art crawl stuff.

I'm sure that in a one-on-one conversation with the fellow, you could very easily convince him that he is just being nostalgic and that he actually prefers the new state of things already.

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