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By C. Erl (registered) - website | Posted February 12, 2013 at 10:35:14 in reply to Comment 86176

That is such a surface-level argument. The whole 'if you don't vote, you aren't a good citizen' is pulled straight from civics class circa 1950. Such a comment does not take into account the socio-economic factors related to voting patterns, people's personal experiences with the democratic process and matters of conscience.

Take a look at a map I put together after the last municipal election. Its a big file, so it might take some time to load, but it is certainly worth the wait: http://democraticperspectives.files.word...

The areas with lowest voter turnout are the areas with some of the highest instances of poverty, whereas the few areas where voter turnout was over 50% are some of the most affluent parts of the city.

Eric has a point about the tenuous nature of council's authority. They have the support of few Hamiltonians and are generally in power to support the city's business interests, a topic which I am myself writing about as we speak.

Don't be so quick to assume things like voting is the only way to be heard. It fails to consider the realities of our situation.

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