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By jason (registered) | Posted March 19, 2013 at 13:48:31

It's very safe to assume that King West has twice as many lanes as it needs. First there was the blockage during Good Shepherd construction which didn't impact traffic one bit. Then the King/Hess project started, again not impacting traffic one bit. Then, more recently the city agreed to allow curb parking on the north curb of King 24-7 (it used to have a 'no parking from 4-6pm restriction) and now for the first time ever, you actually have to drive safely through that couple blocks of King before gunning it at the start of the 403, aka Queen St.

King is 2 lanes west of Wellington and flows like a freeway for 22 hours a day. Now it is 2 lanes east of Queen and flows like a freeway 22 hours a day. The other two hours aren't even remotely close to gridlock, but a tad bit more normal for rush hour in a big city. With the HOV lane coming from Mary to Dundurn this year it will leave 2 car lanes open on King from Wellington to Queen. I'm hopeful we'll see 24-7 curb parking on the south curb, right to Dundurn Street. Lord knows we don't need 5 lanes there.

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