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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted March 28, 2013 at 04:57:47

Thank you Ryan for the correction...Jason, and all of those who seem to 'vote' against Keily...
There is more than what meets the eye in any LRT and IMHO, until we figure out all of the snags, we are not doing or being the best we can be...
Why is it OK to have a BUS line (paid by the City? US) going up to Canada Bread et el; paid through our taxes???
I believe it is the "Core to Red Hill" ~from downtown to our newest/largest employer.
We will never get what we really deserve if there is favoritism on our Transit.
I would be thrilled if Tourists could ride up the 'other' mountain on our dollars and visit my business...Is that asking too much? (I believe it is, yet fair is fair; nes pas?)
Any thoughts?

Have an awesome day tomorrow everyone!

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