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By LOL all over again (anonymous) | Posted March 29, 2013 at 13:58:46

LRT in Buffalo has little or no affect on development there. Just like it had little or no affect on the decay there. Cities go through cycles and Buffalo went through a huge down swing as times changed just like every other heavy industry based city. Just like Hamilton. Now thankfully things are changing a little as the economics start to make sense things are starting to pick up a little. Things are starting to be built and renovated. Just like Hamilton. LRT had no role in the decline of Buffalo's core and no role in the slow recovery of the core. Both were destined to happen with the changes in society and times. Just like Hamilton. Our core is starting it's recovery too. Two way streets and LRT play no role in the recovery. There are a myriad of cities across North America going through exactly the same kind or recovery and the presence of one way streets (or two way streets) or LRT have absolutely no effect on the recovery. This of course will never stop the evangelists for either cause to stop pointing at the recoveries were they are present and claiming their sacred cause was the underling reason. If only it were so easy.

Let the downvoting begin.

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