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By LeanneP (anonymous) | Posted May 12, 2013 at 20:17:29

I'm happy (tho saddened at the same time) to see some of the Durand's ghost cross walks represented here.

I regularly volunteer at Central school whose field trips are often very local so I am often helping a few dozen small children negotiate the roads in the Durand. If we walk to the YWCA for swimming lessons, two dozen children must add two blocks to a one block walk in order to cross at a light and avoid the now very dangerous ghost crosswalks. The same for trips to the Art Gallery of Central Library. Instead of direct routes, we must walk west and away from our destination to cross Hunter.

I didn't realise it was an unofficially official city policy to allow the crossing marks to disappear. I fantasize about painting out the entire crosswalk area in yellow to restore all of these crosswalk markings. Of course, I also fantasize about building road bumps along Bay South to calm the crazy racing traffic there. I don't want to see any of our kids, seniors or adults getting hit by jerks in cars who need to get to their destinations a whole 15 seconds faster than everyone else.

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