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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted June 03, 2013 at 10:33:09 in reply to Comment 89270

That is true, and certainly a valid point to bring up. Probably because it's vital to have a hotel with an easily accessible parking garage that your guests don't need to navigate an entire block to go out.

I'm all for converting everything but King and Main. I'm just saying, it's not fair to say "One way streets cause dead neighbourhoods" when you have successes occuring on them. It's not a nitpick, a large swath of King William has benefited from the Lister Block improvement yet has remained two way and successful regardless. Hess has always been successful. The newer developments on King and Main do give some credit to the idea that the street design isn't as important as other factors and developments in the area.

Another point I would add as well is that jason didn't really answer the question as to why Barton St. that was never converted to one way. He just sorta said "Oh well it would've been worse" which isn't much of a valid arguement.

Some reason as to why Barton pretty much upitomizes a dead, if not a horrible flesh eating zombie street would be nice. I for one know that there are other factors at besides it's street design, but some reasoning at why two way streets the traffic slowing (around Barton Village) hasn't really accomplished much on Barton would be desired.

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