Comment 89283

By AlHuizenga (registered) | Posted June 03, 2013 at 15:26:55 in reply to Comment 89232

My position remains the same, convert everything but King and Main to two way, but leave those two alone, it's part of highway 8 and there is a need for east west traffic to flow.

Your position is untenable. We need to convert King and Main first, because they hurt the lower city the most. They are one-way, five-lane, high-speed freeways that slash through the city core, killing neighborhoods and crippling businesses, and they gotta go.

If you need a fast and unfettered east/west corridor, take the 403 or the Link. But if you choose to drive your car across the downtown core, you should have to take it slow and stop often. That's how great downtowns are built.

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