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By AlHuizenga (registered) | Posted June 03, 2013 at 16:10:18 in reply to Comment 89274

Hey -Hammer-,

There is so much compelling evidence that King and Main, as currently configured, are a blight on the downtown core, that the people who live there, the businesses that operate there, the architects who work there, and the many urban design professionals who have considered the issue all agree: they gotta go.

(A quick stroll along their eastern stretches at any time of day will pretty much confirm it for any but the most willfully blind.)

In the face of all that, if you still want to insist that King and Main should remain as they are, you really have to make the case that there is a compelling reason for us to suffer all the damage that they cause.

And it's got to be better than "It's Highway 8, it helps east/west traffic flow, and we like to call ourselves the 20-minute city."

If you can't do better than that, people will rightly dismiss you as an one-way fetishist who is quite willing to ignore the best interests of downtown, not to mention the long-term economic viability of the entire city, to maintain a lousy status quo.

So instead of all the yeah-buts and what-abouts, maybe you could try to make the positive case for the status quo: How do Main and King, as currently configured, benefit Hamilton really?

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