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By breeze (anonymous) | Posted June 04, 2013 at 10:44:37 in reply to Comment 89249

You mention John North as a prime example of two-way failure, but since you're likely never downtown you wouldn't know about Trebble Hall (John north of King)'s overhaul, and the two new stores which have opened up within it's retail shops.

You also neglect to realize that the most northern part of John Street (before the one-way segment north of the tracks) is vastly giant surface parking lots. It's difficult for asphalt to liven-up a neighborhood, unless of course the land speculators sitting on them wish to put a couple dollars into developing them (heaven forbid).

That brings me to John South, an area of the two-way conversion you neglected in your comments. Since conversion, more shops and pubs with patios have opened, existing retail has renovated, and residential development is returning (St Joseph's Mews on Young at John, along with a place called The Royal Connaught come to mind).

So before you point out all of the negatives (I don't even think you had an example), maybe you should come downtown, take a walk along the streets you criticize so hastily, and actually see what's happening first-hand. It's pretty exciting, I can't lie!!

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