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By Sigma Cub (anonymous) | Posted June 25, 2013 at 15:50:39

Common-sensical, but I doubt it will happen, for practical reasons. The lanes are supposed to be installed in July/August. If harmonized implementation is your sine qua non, the clock gets set back to zero as council debates a more expensive and permanent project.

The next budget cycle begins in the fall, so at best you're pushing it back a year. The danger in doing so is that you're taking an already-contentious $300K pilot and transforming it into a more expensive, substantial and permanent project going into an election year.

If council decides to release more money for transit, my guess is that it'll be service levels that benefit, not street design.

After the 2014 budget, once new Metrolinx "revenue tools" are established by the province, the City will have a new resource stream to point at these projects. Until then, appreciate any forward movement for the improvement that it is.

I don't mean to sound resolutely down about this. I appreciate the vision laid out. But I also know the City's history on similar roll-outs (eg. Putting People First, Shifting Gears) and tend to regard the dismissive correspondence you've received regarding similar suggestions/concerns as an omen.

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