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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 19, 2013 at 20:59:07 in reply to Comment 94933

Oh man, no wonder you're cranky... you're driving the wrong way. Seriously, flamewar aside, just take Cannon to Queen and then take Queen to King. This is the city's Truck Route and there are influential businesses that will never let us hippies do too much damage to the Truck Route.

Even before the bus lanes, Cannon was faster than King in your neighborhood - King is only 2 lanes wide until like John street and has a zillion buses crawling through it so it's been a bottleneck for decades. Cannon's consistently 4 lanes throughout.

Long term, the plan is to build Light Rail Transit (think an on-street subway, not a street-car) on King. That's the whole point of the Bus Lane - it's a dry-run for the LRT... but the Bus Lane is only one lane wide. The LRT takes two. And at Catherine? That's the whole width of King. This is where the LRT gets really controversial: the current plan is to make King completely pedestrian-only between Catherine and John.

The good news is that LRT stops have traditionally been a huge economic driver since people who wear suits and don't frequent payday loan establishments will actually ride train-based transit, unlike buses where the bus shakes the crap out of you while the driver shouts at you.

Either way: take Cannon. It's always been faster, and it will be the only option if we get LRT.

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