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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 19, 2013 at 22:04:57 in reply to Comment 94951

What? This is meant to be a dry-run for the LRT, and that's meant to be good for the lower city of Hamilton. Hamilton can be a lot more than simply a depressed hole that people drive-through on the way to McMaster. But as long as it's nothing but a highway, the roads are going to do nothing but make our best streets unpleasant to live around. Proper big-city transit helps anchor businesses into downtown.

Seriously, yes we're selfish - we want Hamilton to be awesome. Downtown nasty stinky Hamilton. We want to live in an awesome place. That's it. That's the selfish thing.

Some folks came from Toronto and see Hamilton has the potential to have awesome stuff Toronto has. Me? I grew up right here in Westdale and I've travelled enough to see that other places have awesome stuff that I want to see here.

And this problem with the small businesses between Bay and Queen? It's a real problem, and we want to see it fixed. But the problem is the fact that they lost the street-side parking 4 feet from their front doors, not that a lane of traffic went away.

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