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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 19, 2013 at 23:07:22 in reply to Comment 94991

We can pay for a "monorail" and get it, or we can pay for it and not get it. Either way, we're paying for it. This is coming out of provincial coffers, not municipal ones - council has made 100% clear that they're interested (not sold, but interested) in LRT if the Province foots the bill, and not otherwise. I don't see that changing.

So this means that Hamilton is only getting the "monorail" if the Province pays.

And if the Province is paying for Hamilton's LRT upgrade? You can bet they're also paying for London's and Ottawa's and Waterloo's and whatnot. And you'd better beleive they'll be paying for a transit upgrade for all those Toronto voters. Oh my God will they ever be paying for more Transit in toronto.

Did I say "they"? I meant "we".

We'll be paying for it. For every freaking burg in this province getting shiny new subways and rail lines and buses and whatnot.

We can either sign up for our cut or foot the bill for everybody else, since either way we're on the hook.

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