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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted February 26, 2014 at 13:54:18

I watched the episode. Let me give you the real reasons for why Hamilton has been turning a corner:

1. Lower business taxes. 15 years ago we were not very competitive on taxes. Now we are.
2. RHVP, highway 6 to airport and greenfields industrial land. Go for a drive through the Ancaster business park and Red hill park and see for yourself.
3. Expanded economic development department that is inline with surrounding communities.
4. Good efforts by city hall to reduce red tape in business attraction.
5. Dt renewal thanks to initiatives above, Go Train and conversion to two-way traffic (even though this is still way off being complete)

This builds on some of Hamilton's natural advantages helping to drive growth:

1. Proximity to GTA and US border but with much cheaper real estate than GTA.
2. A city with very functional airport and port.
3. Good services that other nearby cities don't have. We have hospitals, universities, colleges, stadiums (arenas) to hold events.

Can anybody think of others?

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