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By jason (registered) | Posted February 26, 2014 at 15:37:33 in reply to Comment 97954

A world-wide renewal of urban neighbourhoods and downtowns is also helping us, although we are doing our best to stifle it by not moving an ounce on bringing complete streets downtown or investing in LRT like all of our competing surrounding cities. If we see another 4 years of no vision after this next election, I suspect we will see a reversal of fortunes as K-W, Miss/Brampton, TO and Ottawa all open their new LRT lines and begin hauling in a far larger % of the young professionals looking to locate somewhere with a higher quality of life and less dependancy on cars.

Higher than all of these items you've mentioned is the risk-taking entrepreneurs who have invested in our old neighbourhoods to open new galleries, cafes, shops, apartment/loft conversions etc.....

Personally I would scrap #4 and 5 off your list. Red tape is as bad as ever for an urban business owner. Box stores and outlying drive-thrus have it good, but they always did, so no change there. GO Transit has had 4 trains per day for years and still does. Again, no change there.

Also, you're bang on about the port and cheaper real estate. The airport is a complete waste of time IMO. It's dying a slow death. Eventually I suspect it will become purely a cargo airport, which is still good for the economy.

But urban transportation initiatives such as LRT, protected bike lanes, and green complete streets are the investment we should be falling all over ourselves to make right now, city wide.

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